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As we are in such uncertain times, it’s hard to get big corporate teams together to deliver strategies, targets and changes for the coming year… We are all used to a big sales conference, team building days & staff awards evenings, but in the current climate we’ve had to think a little differently as to

how we can deliver and engage our teams/clients.

Virtual Stage

We’ve developed many systems that can deliver multi screen interaction, virtual stage environments or off site speakers and then stream it out around the world to your delegates.


We can provide a host that will interact with your audience keeping them engaged and energised whilst your speakers deliver the important details.

Venue Partnerships

With venue partnerships worldwide, we can deliver custom designed set ups branded to your own identity to create a studio space to host your event from.


Off site speakers can then be streamed in from anywhere in the world to interact with and debate with speakers in the ‘studio’, even delegates can be brought in virtually to ask questions. All this delivered to your delegates via a private a log in where attendance can be recorded.

Virtual Breakout Rooms

Virtual Breakout Rooms – Just like any in person event there is always the need for breaking down into smaller groups.


We can do this in your Virtual Conference too… where detailed seminars can be delivered or Team building sessions.

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