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We understand and respect the importance of religious spaces, whilst delivering

the latest sound, lighting and video systems.


In today’s modern world the church are leading the way on large scale events and venue installation and design. So weather you are a small local church or a large multi campus network we have solutions to keep you relevant and in budget. We realise the church isn’t made of money and there are far more important things

you could be spending it on other than tech.


Following an initial consultation we will put together and deliver solutions to bring you into the 21st century without robbing a bank. A simple lighting effect or basic stage design can transform a venue to inspire attendees and help create an atmosphere of worship and tranquillity.

Sound Systems

We aren’t about big booming sound systems (unless that’s what you want…) that rattle the bones of the old people sat at the back… we design sound systems to bring clarity of speech and simplicity for the user.


If your technical team are more advanced, we can install the type of systems you’d expect at a small concert, but we will never deliver a system that won’t overwhelm your team without appropriate

training and support.


Visuals are a big thing at the moment. With everything having been online for the past few months, churches have risen to the challenge and created some amazing online content.


We can provide and install systems for playback and streaming to deliver a slick service that isn’t going to challenge even the most novice of operators.

LED Screen

We are also LED screen experts and have installed hundreds of screens for venues and conferences across the world.


If budget and requirements allow we can supply and install the latest fine pitch screens to give you an amazing canvas to create and display some awesome graphics and backdrops for your worship centre.

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